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Quinn after a dive.

Quinn is a member of the Commune, a group of people that make their home outside the dome of Romdeau and life of their scraps. She strong willed and determined . She is highly critical of Hoody and the commune, She is one of the only female in the the Commune. She snorkelers to find the best scraps that the dome throws away, using those scraps to fix the ship she is working on "the Rabbit", with the goal of one day escaping the Commune. She seems to be in her late twenties or thirties and is the mother of Timothy.

Biography Edit

Quin ergo proxysd

Quinn With Timothy and Pino

Nothing is known of her life before the commune. We can assume that at one point in her life she had military training by the way she fired at the drone, and the way she endures her wounds. She might have been thrown out of the dome or she might have left on her own will. The way that she got Timothy, or whether Timothy is her actual physical son is also a complete mystery. If Timothy is her child then this means that the bureau has allowed her to have a child, one of the few children in Romdeau, something that is only awarded to the elite of the fellow citizen. If Timothy is her actual son then this means that she one of the only character in the Romdeau that is not sterile.

Personality Edit

Quinn is seen as a strong willed character in the series. Her personalty often makes a contrast with the rest of the people in the commune for being not only strong, but also being perceptive and smart. She is also proven to be very caring sympathetic before the death of Timothy.

Unlike the rest of the commune she is easily able to see through Hoody's inventions while the rest of the dome remains infatuated by them.


Quinn is skeptical of Hoody's narrative

While the rest of the commune who prefers to live in the fantasies that Hoody's makes up, Quinn's perception of the world is far more realistic. She believes that the world, and the state of people is a tragic state. Being the only character in the commune who seems to be smart, she is highly critical of Hoody and the lies that he feeds to the people. She tells Vincent that she is afraid of the consequences that layer of lies that Hoody has created. She foreshadows that as "lies beget lie", at some point there is no turning back.

As much as she is a realist, seeing the world for what it is, she is also able to dream. When Vincent first meets her, she tells him how she is collecting scraps for her ship " the rabbit" that will take her far away from the commune. Curiously, one of the first drawing we see of Timothy is that of a 'magic' rabbit which is able to soar in the sky. No one knows where it is, but when they find it, they will be able to fly "anywhere".

Because the high contrast she makes with the rest of the population in the commune she was often treated with disdain by the other people.

Being intelligent she often has strong believes about freedom and the price that it has to be paid for it. She can be see questioning Hoody's machinations with philosophical questions and ideas. She believes that Hoody made up that tale of the outside world being dangerous in order to make people afraid, for fear of losing his companions.

She has an attachment for Pino as she is Timothy's close friend.


Quinn finds that there is something wrong with Timothy

We can see that her "Raison d'etre" is to protect Timothy and the reason that she wants to go away is to give Timothy a better life. This is further demonstrated by the fact that after Timothy's death she tries one last desperate attempt to get out of the commune.

After the death of Timothy Edit

After Timothy's death in episode 05, Quinn takes control of the people in the commune.

Quotes Edit

"I'm Quinn, as you can see, I pick up stuff that fall in the sea."

"I'm not like the rest of the cowards who are going to say here forever"

"I don't plan on being a parasite and living of the scraps of the dome like this for the rest of my life. You better believe it."

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