Re-L Mayer





Place of Birth:


Date of birth:

April 22nd, 284 AI




Intelligence Bureau Inspector


5'4" or more (163 cm or more)


Perhaps around 120 lbs (perhaps around 54.4 kg)

Re-L Mayer is one of the main characters of Ergo Proxy. As an investigator for the Intelligence Bureau in Romdo, she is attacked by two monsters and drawn into the mystery of the Proxies. She eventually joins Vincent Law and Pino on their quest for answers.


At the start of the show, Re-L Mayer is shown as not quite a rebel but more so an oddball of Romdo society; she has less of a regard for rules and regulations than the ideal fellow citizen who "always [obeys]" and believes that "questioning the system is bad." In the first episode, Re-L reveals that she finds Romdo and its perfect fellow citizen "boring." She expresses disdain for Vincent at first because of his servile willingness to fit in as the ideal fellow citizen, but wonders whether it is herself that is the unnecessary element in a society like Romdo, indicating the fact that Re-L is aware that she is different. However, it is her "intense encounter" with Ergo Proxy that marks the major turning point in her while, as it fills her with a burning need to solve the mystery of the Proxies, driving her to disregard even more rules of society than ever before, and it was then she began to demonstrate selfish tendencies. She was willing to do whatever necessary to discover more information on the Proxies despite many of the consequences not involving her own state of health. Often times she would come to regret her decisions after her curiosity is satisfied. Not necessarily because of the effect it had on the people around her, so much as herself. It is implied that Re-L's natural ability to bend rules and disregard regulations is partly due to the fact that she was genetically engineered to have the maximum amount of curiosity that a fellow citizen could have. She is hinted to "take after" someone, which could refer to Donov Mayer, her grandfather and Regent of Romdo. However, her probing gets her in constant trouble with Donov, particularly when Re-L begins to make too much headway into the mystery of the Proxy.

Re-L's position in Romdo seems to be one of some privilege. It is suggested that Re-L projects an image of a "career woman" in the Intelligence Bureau. Her Entourage, Iggy, teasingly refers to her as the "Princess" of Romdo, while others below her station, such as the immigrant district's head, Petro Seller, refer to her as "your excellency" out of profound respect. Re-L also seems to have some political clout because of her grandfather. In episode 3, she believes that she can intercede on Vincent's behalf to clear him from all charges. 

Re-L Mayer(Child)

Re-l when she was a little girl

Concerning Re-L's childhood, not much is known about her early life, except through clips of her at a young age that Daedalus owns. As a child, Re-L seemed to be much less aloof than her current serious persona.


Re-L goes through a large personality shift over the course of the series.

During its beginning chapters Re-L uses her position as an investigator and granddaughter of the regent of Romdo to command respect, rather than earn it. She is selfish, rude and often needlessly belittling to those around her. She also has a somewhat demanding attitude to those she believes are beneath her, such as when she throws a comb at Pino and commands her to "fix [my] hair". When Pino refuses, she has Vincent do it, and on discovering that he did a good job, simply says "I'll have you do it from now on." with no regard for whether he wanted to or not.

Re-L's initial selfishness and cold heartedness can be attributed to her privileged upbringing, and her position within the investigative bureau. However, when Vincent admits his feelings of love to Re-L, she goes through an emotional shift.

Initially it seems she acts with more hostility towards Vincent and Pino after this encounter, however when their ship is caught in a windless desert, she is forced to observe Vincent and Pino's carefree attitude to their situation. She goes briefly insane during this moment, unable to remain patient with the lack of movement, and finding Vincent and Pino's attitudes a constant frustration she is stuck with. However, through this ordeal she eventually works out how to become at ease with her companions. She becomes more feeling, and treats both Vincent and Pino better. It is hinted that she may even return Vincent's affections when she shows genuine concern for him at times, and on the Ergo Proxy Wikipedia page, it is stated that she does eventually gain romantic feelings for him.




It is believed Re-L may be an imperfect clone of Monad Proxy. Re-L in her youth appeared carefree like Real Mayer, Monad's perfect clone. Re-L and Real also greatly resemble each other. So it's safe to assume they are both clones of Monad.



______________________________________________________although unconfirmed Re-L has a uncanny resemblance to Amy Lee from Evanescence.


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