I came across this blog a few days ago, after watching the anime for Ergo Proxy. What I always expect to see from wiki pages is the information that I've possibly missed after having read the manga and watching the anime. When I came across this wiki, it was sorely lacking a great deal of information, and still lacks information. Administrative rights or not, I plan on building this wiki up to where it really should be. I've begun with a few missing characters, I put something in for Daedalus, since it was completely blank. I'm still not happy with it, but I also don't want to fill stuff out from memory without using direct info from my books or from the series. Needless to say, I will be adding a lot more to it. The list of terms was/is useful for a lot of stuff that doesn't have pages yet. With good luck and good editing, an updated site will prompt more users to chip in over time, and lead us to a much better Ergo Proxy Wiki. I've got plenty of time on my hands, so I'll be doing this for the next few weeks. That AND because I need something to do between Nurarihyon and One Piece episode premiers.

On a personal note: "When They Cry" is a great anime to follow up after this one. Psychological thriller at its best. Message me if you want to chat. Please let me know if you support or reject my request.

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